1. Where can I find data on previous censuses?
The data is available at the ministry's website www.uae.gov.ae/mop

2. When will results of Tedad 2005 will be available?
It will be available following the conclusion of the census process in the first of its quarter 2006. as a result of using satellite technology and PDAs this will be the of it's kind.

3. Does the census include UAE nationals living abroad?
Yes, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will help in enumerating and registering UAE diplomats and citizens who are outside the country.

4. Will UAE visitors be included in the census?
No, because census is meant for the resident population.

5. What sort of technology will be used in Tedad 2005?
Tedad 2005 will use of the satellite technology in pinpointing the building for the first time in the UAE, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) will also be introduced as they help in expediting work, minimizing mistakes and improving efficiency.

6. How will data be collected from non-Arabic speakers?
Census documents are already translated to English and fit to the PDAs. Further, translators will accompany the enumerators if required.

7. How will census contribute in scientific and educational planning?
The census will provide data on three main elements of education:
- Age groups in demand of education
- Students educational preferences
- Number of teachers required at each levels
- Education structure of population

8. Why should everybody be included in the census?
Comprehensiveness is one of the main characteristics of a successful census. accuracy is required as the census cannot afford to leave out any individual .

9. To what extent confidentiality will be maintained?
Article 8 of the census Law No. 9-1974 provides for ensuring privacy of statistical data, without disclosing the personal details as well as the trade secrets of the industrial and commercial establishments.

10. What new data is included in Tedad 2005?
Data on the handicapped, chronic diseases, computers and internet lines.

11. How long does it take to collect the data of a family?
According to our previous experience, the duration ranges between 10 - 30 minutes.

12. What next?
Research and surveys will be conducted in all fields according to the statistical program recommended by The Central Committee for Statistical Coordination, such as consumer price index (CPI), industrial survey and labor force survey‚€¶.ect.

13. When will the next census take place?
In 2010 as approved by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as part of a plan to unify the timing of the census process across all GCC countries.




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